Tipping Points

Matthew Appleby
Melanie Clifford
Katy Connor
Stephen Cornford
Samuel Dowd
Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez
Bill Leslie
Erica Scourti
Miriam Steinhauser
Aron Kitzig

.HBC, Berlin

Tipping Points is a new exhibition bringing together artists working across a number of artforms: sculpture, film, sound and performance. The focus of the show is an interrogation of material, media and technology – and the ways in which artists exploit these in order to affect viewers’ perception of their work and the world.

Whippit are an informal artist collective who produce events and exhibitions. They formed in 2007 at Dartington College of Arts organising events aimed at creating dialogue between diverse arts practices, artists and audiences. Tipping Points will also include work by Berlin-based artists Matt Appleby, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Miriam Steinhauser and Aron Kitzig.

A tipping point is a moment of tension where the future hangs in the balance; where small changes, of context, media, arrangement or reproduction, can have a profound effect upon the resulting work, its form and meaning. Imagine a set of scales in which one grain of sand effects a dramatic shift bringing the measure crashing down on one side of the other. ‘Tipping Points’ refers the many and multiple shifts and changes which make up an artwork and the way it is encountered by an audience. The works in this exhibition share a willingness to explore these possibilities and to exploit the results.

In an increasingly mediated world Tipping Points engages with the continual transferral and transformation of data. What it brings to this is not a reaffirmation of the general distancing and dehumanisation of our worldly view but an engagement with the distinct texture, grain and shimmer of mediating technologies hi-tech and lo-fi. A glorying in the potential for visual or audio trickery, unexpected beauty and the altering of perspective which these approaches allow. What is at stake is a shift in consciousness.

During this exhibition HBC will also be hosting Permanent Bookshop. A UK based not-for-profit publisher and promoter of artist’s books, prints and publications.

Exhibition opens 5th March – 1st April
Preview 4th March 18.00—21.00 (including performance by Stephen Cornford)