31st July 2009.

Part of the Hackney WickED festival, London E9.

Including video, sculpture, sound and performance by Bill Leslie, Stephen Cornford, Samuel Dowd, Erica Scourti, Katy Connor, Stephen Shiell, Emma Bennett, Maddy Pethick, Nathan Walker, and Eloise Hawser. And the Permanent Bookshop.

Behind the Counter Cafe, Roach Road, Hackney Wick. E3.



Images (left to right): Bill Leslie, Christina Jensen, Maddy Pethick, Mark Leahy, Nathan Walker, Stephen Cornford

The Hackney Whippit was held on the 19th August 2008 at Elevator Gallery in Hackney. A large audience were treated to a melangé of art works from performance, video, sound and sculpture to drawing painting and dance. Works happened in and around each other, creating unexpected points of contact ad dialogue. The gallery opened with installed work by Rowena Davis, Katy Connor, Lucy Cran, Bill Leslie and Maddy Pethick, with performances programmed throughout the evening from Stephen Cornford, Nathan Walker, Bram Arnold, Mark Leahy, Alice Kemp, Christina Jensen, Bill Leslie and Mark Greenwood.

IF ONLY WHIPPIT WERE AN OLYMPIC SPORT - review by Holly Pester and Daniel Rourke



Images (left to right): Christina Jensen, Stephen COrnford, Lucy Cran, Nicolas Galeazzi, Nathan Walker, Maddy Pethick

Whippit was first begun in Devon in 2007 by a group of artists studying across the MA program at Dartington College of Arts. Whippit developed from work in progress events, but was intended to distance the work from the notion of 'in progress'. Work is work, at whatever poinmt of development. Artistic practice is just that: a continuing process of development which meets the viewer or audience at particular moments, in different circumstances and with different effect. The first Whippits happened at DCA and in small venues in the area.